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Switch Lycan Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses

Switch Lycan  Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses
Switch Lycan  Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses
Switch Lycan  Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses

Switch Lycan Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses

Quality sports sunglasses made by Switch Vision that have an exciting unique magnetised lens interchangeable system. Designed by sportsmen for sportsmen. Perform in the most extreme conditions. A bonus pair of lenses enables you to use one pair of sunnies for all conditions.


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Switch Lycan Sunglasses, Black, mirrored changeable lenses

Hiszone is continually looking for products that are unique, innovative and new to Australia. During a buying trip to the US we attended the Outdoor Retailers trade show in Salt Lake City and were extremely fortunate to meet up with an exciting company that manufactures a unique design of sunglasses called Switch.

Lenses are in Switch Vision’s DNA, as they are related to Liberty Sport, a protective sports eyewear company. Based in New Jersey they have been producing frames and lenses designed to handle the rigors of sport since 1929.

The unique thing about Switch sunglasses is that they have a US patented magnetic lens interchange system that solves the problem of needing more than one type of sunglasses for your outdoor activities.

You may have come across interchangeable lenses before, they have been around for some time, but generally other systems are mechanical and many times clumsy or difficult to use. Not so with Switch, their lenses are held in place with magnets. You simply apply gentle pressure on the lens to pop it out of the frame, and the magnets do the job of sucking the replacement lens into place within the frame. Take a look at the video and you will see for yourself how easy it is.

Guys this is not a gimmick, it is a practical approach to providing one pair of sunglasses that work in a variety of outdoor situations. Switch has created quality, scratch resistant, shatter proof, water and smudge resistant lenses that can handle most, if not all activities requiring protection for the eyes. So if you ski, fish, play tennis, run, ride, hike, golf or do nothing other than soak up the sun on the beach or any combination of these activities, there is ONE pair of Switch sunglasses that we are sure will suit you.

 Before we get into the designs it is worth spending some time on the nature and quality of the lenses. First off, Switch lenses eliminate 99% harmful UV light (whether it is UVA, UVB or UVC), a must for any good quality sunglasses. Next, Switch’s polarised lenses eliminate blinding glare. Switch tinted lenses rebalance colours to improve vision. They offer different tints because different activities and light conditions demand different solutions. Finally, Switch lenses are made with lightweight, optical grade shatterproof polycarbonate and are coated with Triguard, a patented thin film coating that they say withstands rough handling, causes water to bead up and run off and is easy to clean. You need to know this stuff because these are not your cheap throw away glasses, they are a top quality product made by guys who started their careers making optical lenses.

Now the good part, not only does every pair of Switch sunglasses Hiszone sells come with an extra set of quality lenses, but we have selected frames that we feel not only look great but are robust enough to withstand the rigors of most outdoor activities.

Just so you know these glasses have been designed with the user in mind. Switch looked at comfort, performance, stability and design.

I have been wearing my Switch glasses on some pretty long rides and runs and I have to say they are the most comfortable glasses I have worn. No pinching or any of that pressure you can get on your temples from poor fitting frames.

As for performance, I am pretty tough on my glasses, they get tossed around, I almost never put them back in the case so they get left on surfaces that have scratched my lenses on previous glasses and I certainly wear them in extreme conditions where I am sweating and doing things that could easily dislodge them from my face. I have to say that my Switch glasses performed extremely well. For you techos out there, the frames are made of a strong, quality thermoplastic nylon. The lens shapes and nose pads are designed to enable air to flow into the eye chamber to minimise fog build up. An important feature if you are an active person.

The Switch Lycan Design has a thicker, bold style with a larger lens shape and full wrap around to a thick frame arm over the temples. These are great for those who love the great outdoors doing activities such as climbing, trail riding, skiing, snowboarding, running, etc as they provide plenty of protection against the elements. And they look stylish into the bargain. 

This model is a large fit size and comes in a matte black finished frame with polarised True Grey reflective lenses for extreme conditions and an additional pair of Rose Amber lenses for low light, changeable or hazy environments.

For those of you who that ski, snowboard or play golf, we have brought in two other specialised lenses that are available on Hiszone at an attractive price.

The ski lenses are a yellow low light lens that improves vision in flat, low light and cloudy conditions highlighting uneven snow and ice as well as moguls.

The golf/tennis lenses are green and increase the contrast and visibility of white and yellow objects (like your golf or tennis balls) against blue and green backgrounds.

My advice for what it is worth is to review the various models of Switch sunglasses that we have to offer and I am sure you will find one to suit you. As a closing comment, everyone I talked to that tried a pair of Switch glasses almost without exception can’t wait to get hold of a pair. We could not release any until the Hiszone site was up and running so we would have stock to sell. I am picking these will be a very popular item. And remember, as with all products we offer on Hiszone, the price you see is it, there are no add-ons like freight. 

Key Features

  • One set of polarised True Grey non-reflective lenses for the harsh sunny days.
  • One set of Rose Amber lenses for those hazy days or low light conditions
  • Both sets of lenses protect against UV light
  • Switch lens interchangeable system uses magnets, so lenses jump into place when brought near the frames
  • Magnets are designed to hold the lens in place when subjected to the intense jarring during such activities as skiing, snowboarding, running or mountain biking
  • Superior grade nylon frames offer a consistent fit and flexibility in all temperatures and are extremely impact resistant
  • Lightweight and virtually shatterproof, polycarbonate lenses
  • Lenses are coated with a thin-film making them easier to clean, withstand rough handling and cause water to bead up and run off
  • Magnetic LensPod™ keeps your lenses protected in an easy-to-carry, contoured case
  • Switch Lycan sunglasses come with a case as well as a microfiber cleaning pouch
  • Are a large fit

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