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How It Works


At Hiszone you have 4 different ways to buy a product from us. We have made buying from our site fun and hopefully entertaining.

       SET PRICE - When you see this icon below the price on the product page it means that the price for that product is fixed and there is no negotiation on price.

   MAKE AN OFFER - this icon shown against a product means you can accept our price or you can enter into a live negotiation by clicking on the Make an Offer Tag below the price shown.

   DYNAMIC PRICE - If a product has this icon you are looking at a price that changes  based on demand for the product and how much stock is left and the time left that the product listing will remain on the site. Feeling Lucky?

  HYBRID Option - You also have a chance to hedge your bets. If you think you know what an item is worth, rather than being bothered checking the site to see if the price is going down to your price level, you can tell us what you are prepared to pay and if at any time our Dynamic Pricing for a product gets to that price we will get in touch with you and you will be given 24 hours from the time we notify you to buy at the price you offered.

Frequently Asked Questions

How and when can I contact you?

We have a number of ways you can contact us; Send us a message using the contact page...

What do I have to pay for delivery?

All prices quoted on our Website or communicated by us to you INCLUDE standard delivery...

What if the goods are damaged when I recieve them?

If the packaging on your product appears to be damaged at the time of delivery DO NOT accept it...

When can I expect to receive my goods?

We always use our best endeavours to deliver your products as soon as possible from time of purchase...

How does the your pricing work?

At Hiszone you have 4 different ways to buy a product from us. We have made buying from our site fun and hopefully entertaining...

How safe is the information I provide and what do you use it for?

Hiszone takes the protection and use of the information you provide us very seriously...

Why do I have to register as a user?

In order to buy goods on Hiszone we ask that you register as a user with us.

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