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Become a Community Reviewer

Research shows that consumers don’t trust marketers or their advertising. And why should they! Manufactures put a positive spin on every feature and make it sound like their product is perfect for everyone. When it comes to purchasing, consumers today are savvy. They do their own research and they want to hear what other consumers think of the products.

In fact, research shows that consumer-created reviews or ratings are the preferred source for information about product or service value and product quality!

No product is perfect (despite what the manufactures say) because PERFECTION is in the eye of the beholder. A feature that is great for one person may be a non event or even a draw back for another. We want to give HISZONE customers the whole truth, the full truth and nothing but the truth. …basically we want YOU to provide US with the good, the bad, and/or the ugly, from your perspective.

So, this is how it works. Sign up to express your interest in being a community reviewer. We will get in contact with you to find out a bit more about you and if we all feel we can work together. Assuming all things go well there, you will be sent opportunities to submit a review. If you submit the review complete and on time (realistic timeframes are always set) you get the product for FREE.

We are not trying to buy your vote here people, we just think you should be rewarded for helping HISZONE to select products and provide our customers with good quality information to help them make their decisions.

JUST SO THAT WE ARE CLEAR - Some of these reviews will never see the light of day because if the feedback we get from you is bad, then that product may never appear on HISZONE


When making a purchase of value for your hobbies or home how much emphasis do you put on the following factors

(use a 1 to 10 rating with 1 being little 10 being a great deal)