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About Hiszone

Hiszone is designed and intended for the active male market. What is the "active male market" I hear you saying. Simply put its men that are active in their day to day lives. The typical active male has at least one hobby or interest that can range from sporting activities (non passive. i.e beyond a spectator), DIYer, automotive enthusiast, entertainer (cooking, BBQ) etc.

Our values

  • honesty - we take an honest approach to marketing. That is we tell the good the bad and the ugly. We don't neglect to mention the draw back of the products or put a spin on elements that is misleading. this will come across in the videos, written copy and social reviews. "Let the truth be told"
  • fun and humor - we want to have some fun with this.
  • progression - we want to keep getting better. We accept we are going to make mistakes, but we want to learn from them and improve.
  • add value - if what we are doing does not add value to customers, staff and/or suppliers, we will find a way for it to or not do it.

How are we different

  • Our focus on our target audience
  • Unique offers that are directly imported from the manufacturer and are not currently available in Australia
  • Our focus on engaging, informative and no BS content
  • A unique Dynamic pricing model as well as offering a variety of price engagement options
  • Our real world customer service
  • Fast delivery times.  

The products  available on HisZone are a combination of directly imported products and locally supplied products. We have a unique business model with suppliers that enables us to provide them  greater value than what they can get from the majority of their existing buyer relationships.

Our relationships and importing experience  enables us to be first to market with a variety of unique high value items that are not currently available in Australia.